SC23 Case Study – Scentsory Travel

Company Background

With travel restrictions in place, an idea was born that would allow people to experience popular global destinations from the comfort of their own home.

Kate – a travel agent, Sharon – a hypnotherapist, and Shehnaaz – a doTerra wellness advocate – have been inspired to combine their industry experiences to create a multi-sensory online travel event like no-other.

Combining their industry experiences, Scentsory Travel was formed. This collaboration allows for a session of deep relaxation, whilst experiencing not only the scents associated with the location (and their beneficial attributes) but also to gain education on the sights and wonders of the chosen destination.

With Scentsory Travel, there are no travel restrictions on your imagination.

The Brief

Being a newly formed business, there was no visual identity in place. This was an opportunity for us to create a brand for the team with a blank canvas in mind. They had the vision, passion and experience, they just needed a brand identity and creative output to bring it to life.

The brand should be strongly related to the travel topic, but also have some energy and vibrancy. With nothing really in the market, Scentsory Travel wanted to make a visual statement. Primarily selling the experiences through Facebook, meant that this should be the focus of the visual and brand assets. 

In summary, we were tasked to create:

  • A logo
  • Event banners 
  • A double-sided postcard
  • PDF travel documentation 

Our Solution

With this project we wanted to give the brand in general a friendly and warm, yet professional feel.

Each destination had its own unique colour palette, which allowed differentiation across the different products, but also bringing everything together under the Scentsory Travel umbrella. For assets such as the Facebook cover banner and postcard, we allowed all of the destination colour to be viewed together, which works well for the client.

As the postcard and destination sheets contained instructions on how the experience works, it was vital to display this information with clarity of the reader in mind, whilst retaining the creative and brand styling which we developed.

Closing thoughts

This was a great project for us to work on. It allowed us to create a brand identity from the ground up and work with an amazing client. It also helped that the product is something that we can definitely see the benefits of, in both educational and mental health terms. It’s a unique product which has a massive amount of potential. The appeal is great especially towards anyone who loves to find out more about different destinations but also to those just wanting to unwind and get some relaxation back into their lives. We would like to thank the Scentsory team for putting their trust in us to help them develop their visual branding which will help them grow over the next weeks, months and years. For anyone who is interested in finding out more about Scentsory Travel (and we highly recommend it), you can do so by visiting their Facebook page here.

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