SC23 was founded in 2015, through a passion and desire to help businesses look their very best, through creative design application and to give business owners a pride in how their business is visually represented.

Founder and owner Simon Clements, decided to form the company after spending 12 years in the design industry. In this time, Simon worked with many companies ranging from small local businesses to national organisations, producing both digital and print designs.

Some of the companies that Simon and SC23 have had the pleasure to work with include Cadbury, WWF, EDF energy, Motorola, and South West Trains, to name but a few. This experience has allowed Simon to apply his expertise in the day-to-day running of SC23, giving you the best possible design service, one which you deserve to help your business stand out, attract customers and grow.

Here at SC23 we are passionate about all things creative and helping you gain exposure. We feel this comes across in not only the quality of our design work but also our client-focussed approach and post-project support.


Our Approach

Utilising Great Design

Our primary focus is on you, your needs and how to move them forward. We combine your passion and knowledge of your business with our experience and expertise in understanding the application of great design and working to a strategy which benefits them. This methodology has allowed us to producing bespoke, eye-catching graphics which have allowed increased standout and conversion for our clients.

Our design process allows you to push your marketing efforts even further and to stand out from the competition, which in todays saturated market, is a vital tool for growth. The saying ‘first impressions count’ really resonates with us, ensuring that we are all about getting you noticed, for the right reasons.

Whilst we prefer to work with our clients for the long-term, (which offers many benefits including brand consistency, building brand loyalty and a strong professional relationship) we do offer services for one-off and short term projects. We like to think that working with SC23 will provide you with a positive experience, that will allow us to become a vital member of your companys’ marketing team, benefitting and moving you forwards.

Let's talk

Get in touch on 02477 360058 or fill in our contact form to discuss your creative requirements and to start your journey to making your business look it’s very best.

How it Works

With over 15 years experience within the creative industry, we adhere to our tried and tested process, which has benefited many happy clients, as follows:

Strategy & Planning

At this initial stage, we take a deep look into your industry market & competitors, which helps us plan and advise on a direction to take.

Initial Concepts

The next stage is to brainstorm possible solutions. Starting in sketch format, this allows us to explore different directions, which are presented back to you.


Once you have received the concepts we can connect via email, phone or in person, to discuss further and to move towards a direction to progress.


All comments from the review stage are applied to the designs, and presented back to you for approval. The review and development stages are repeated until we reach your desired solution.


Once approved, we then output the project as per your request. Printed documents are artworked to be print-ready. Digital projects are outputted as source files to send for development.


Ensuring that you are happy with the end result is very important to us. Thats why we are available post project with any queries you may have.

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